Chef Chelsae Marie

About Me

I am a die-hard ‘foodie’ and the calling to be a chef felt natural to me. My name is Chelsae-Marie Lee Kong and I am a certified Chef with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University and Associate of Science Degree from Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute.  I have worked in private homes, hotels and restaurants both in Trinidad and in the U.S.  Most recently, as a Sous Chef at a hotel on South Beach, Florida. I am currently based in Trinidad providing a customizable catering experience- offering both savory and or sweet dishes. I offer dishes with both local and exotic influences. I push new flavors and try to make each offering original and memorable. My passion started with a toy I received as a child from Santa. I was blessed to know my calling as a Chef extremely young. It came to me after “baking” my first cake over the hot light bulb in the toy oven. The joy of sharing that tiny cake with my loved ones was extremely gratifying and solidified my passion, and ever since then it’s been history!